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Our Philosophy

Children are like little sponges, soaking up the world around them. We believe that a child can become a willing and eager learner when placed in a safe environment, rich with experiences. The Farmstead Preschool provides the perfect opportunity to exercise their developing muscles, language, problem-solving and thinking skills.

Children get a well-rounded experience through the balance of individual choice and activities in small and large groups. The groups include music, story, drama, snack preparation, science, cooperative games, language development, manipulative and constructive toys and much more.

We realize that many parents grew up with access to farm life through relatives, friends or their own farm. They want to give their own children the chance for that same wholesome experience. Thus, our play yard is surrounded by friendly animal pens and the children can interact with them at their choice or when they do daily chores. This helps each child gain a sense of responsibility and ownership of the animals.